Mental Health Rehabilitation Center “ANASA”

The boarding house “ANASA” is a Mental Health Rehabilitation Center – Intensive Care Unit of people with autism and severe mental dysfunction. It began operation in July 2007 under the 2000-2006 Operational Programme “Health and Welfare” and co-funded by 80% by the European Social Fund and 20% by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity under the “Psychargos” program – B phase.

“In our home we work daily with emotion and logic, trying to cultivate love and trust and believe in a new perspective of life.”

The boarding house “ANASA” operate since June 2007 and as a critical care unit, hosts autistic adults in the context of deinstitutionalization.Provide medical, psychological, social, nursing, legal, occupational therapy and other services. Te accommodation and all required services are free and supervised by the Ministry of Health.

The boarding house hosts 15 people with autism and secondary mental disorders in Attica.

It offers long stays, is a high degree of protection and accommodates 15 people with autism and secondary mental disorders.
The hospitality concerns the support and treatment of 15 people in order to ensure their stay in the community and the continuation of the relations of these people with the life and activities of the local community.